Sunflame 1100cm3/sec 60cm Tulip SS BF Chimney



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This Stainless steel & glass chimney offers effortless cleaning with its baffle filter feature. The aristocratic look of the chimney adds elegance to the kitchen.

  • Air Flow      :      1100 (m3/h)

  • Finish          :      Stainless Steel & Glass

  • Controls     :      Push Button

  • Filter           :      Baffle Filter

  • Lighting     :      2 X Halogen

  • Size            :      60 (cms)

MRP : Rs 19990/-

Install the Sunflame Designer Chimney 1100 Suction TULIP 60 SS BF in your kitchen to keep it clean and oil-free. It is packed to the hilt with unique and exciting features that ensure superior absorption of grime with extreme ease of use.

The Sunflame Designer Chimney 1100 Suction TULIP 60 SS BF has a strong suction capacity with an air flow of 1100 cubic metres per hour. It ensures all the evaporated oils are easily collected and removed from the kitchen. The device has a stainless steel and glass finish which does not get dirty easily, and also blends well with the kitchen décor. It comes with a baffle filter which can be easily removed, replaced and cleaned. The push button controls will offer you maximum comfort and convenience when operating this appliance. It also comes with a pair of inbuilt halogen lamps.